Maximilian Jendrall

founder, doer and thinker


  • Focus work as Cofounder and CTO at dnd.
  • Based in Berlin.
  • Trainer and coach at SVMV, WTS and C+D.
  • Originated from the software industry.
  • Podcast host and blogger.
  • Passion for people, art, ideas and technology.
  • About

    Young clueless doer, thinker and founder that doesn’t know anything. I love to get to know new human beings and try my best to flourish my relationships with other humans. My mission is to be able to freely support others, as well as myself to pursue ideas and dreams which are really worth the failing, sweat and hard work. Apart from working and mentoring, you can probably find me having quality time and dialogs with my friends in our favorite coffee shop, doing sports, reading on a vast range of topics such as neurology, psychology, history and philosophy, talking and debating about these topics or on a walk through the nature.

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    Current focus

    Working at dnd since 2019 to provide rapid high performance and quality development for great ideas and concepts with clients like Deutsche Bank, Factory Berlin, Hugo Boss and many more.

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    C-Level management in core team for development, architecting and customer relationship.

    What I am also doing

    In cooperation with the Code+Design Initiative I am empowering and coaching young and interested human beings on their own digital projects and development experience as well as partly managing the events for them.

    Due to my profound personal interest in health and personal development, aswell as my estounding will to curate and pass my knowledge and experience, I have pursued a side career as a volunteer coach and trainer for sporting matters. My sweet spot is swimming, closely followed by general fitness. I am a certified and licensed trainer in both cases and mostly provide the coaching and training to the members of the SVMV Berlin.

    On rare occasions I am also providing commercial personal training and coaching to private individuals but certainly prefer coaching in my organizations.

    I am always testing out new ideas and kicking off side projects to fail better the next time and have a sincere passion for building new things.

    You can find my writings on my blog where I publish daily food for thought and concepts regarding self development, health and philosophy since early 2019.

    As of 2020 I am also the host of two podcasts. One of which’s targeted release date is January 1st, 2021. The other one is already public and got positive resonance from a lot of listeners.

    Past occurances

    Originating in the software development industry I am a senior full stack developer and problem solver with the ability to learn, acquire and adapt quickly. In the past, I’ve worked with a handful of smb’s as a freelancer to improve their web presences, intern digital architecture and all kinds of digital business parts.

    Together with the Code+Design Initiative e.V. I’ve started to coach hundreds of young people in 2018 with the mission to fascinate them for the wide field of possibilities the digital world offers. Since then, I attended a great amount of events and also held specific workshops as well as talks.

    In 2019, I got promoted to the board of the initiative, managed and organized several high profile educational events, each with an attendance rate of 50 up to 200 people, together with the core team. Partners included the CODE University, Vodafone, Telecom, Barma and many more.

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