My name is Maximilian Jendrall.
Typically everyone calls me Max.

What do I do
Helping B2B companies with a customer lifetime value of 15k€+ grow by filling their calendars to the brim at 📈 Halbwarm

Who am I
I am a software maker that transitioned to tech leadership and found his way into the fascinating agency world. Currently highly focused on building scalable, data-driven operation systems and processes.

I can help you with
Lead Generation & Scaling your business operations while making owning your agency fun again.

My core skills
Operations Leadership
Business Process Management
Effective Cold Outreach Communication

Current occupations

Halbwarm B2B Outreach -> CEO, Founder (January 2021 - Present)
Booking qualified B2B decision maker appointments for agencies. -> Certified Swim Coach (non-profit) -> Certified Self-Defense Coach (non-profit)

Past occupations

Digital Seals -> Lead Tech Ops (April 2021 - February 2023)
Scaling enterprise profit centres via their own digital platform solutions.
Was responsible for scaling the software agency fulfillment.

UPPACUT -> Co-Founder & CEO (September 2021 - September 2022)
Podcast Production House

dnd -> Co-Founder & CTO (October 2019 - Dezember 2020)
Fullstack Software Development Agency

Code+Design -> Board Member & CTO (January 2019 - September 2019)
Non-profit Digital Education for Teenagers

Freelance Software Developer (August 2014 - 2020)
Fullstack Web Development: Websites, Web-Apps and Design

Maximilian Jendrall
c/o Jendrall Ventures UG
Wildganssteig 70
13503 Berlin
Telefon: 030-57712393
Email: [email protected]